Building Steel Structures That Last

Building Steel Structures That Last

Our business is beaming in Denver, CO

Whether you're putting up a new commercial structure or adding on to an existing building, our professional welders can accomplish what you need. We're able to weld carbon-steel high beams for your business, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Small businesses

Imperial Welding & Repair LLC can work with your structural beams, pipes, bars, plates or whatever else your commercial property needs fabricated or repaired. Call 720-281-4173 to discuss your commercial needs today.

5 advantages of steel construction

Metal is becoming the material of choice for many home builders, engineers and architects. There are many advantages of using steel in construction, including:

  1. Creating unique angles
  2. Allowing for column-free interiors
  3. Increasing a structure's durability
  4. Reducing construction times
  5. Improving sustainability because steel can be recycled

Of course, a good portion of this is due to the quality of the materials you use and the knowledge of the welders. Reach out to Imperial Welding & Repair for your next commercial steel construction.